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Christ’s Kingdom

"They searched the scriptures daily whether those things were so"

Berean Bible Students

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We act as agent for Dawn Publishing. The following links give access to publications available, read or copy and paste.

"Jesus World's Saviour"

"How God Answers Prayer"

"Why God Permits Evil"

"Archeology Proves the Bible"

"When a Man Dies"

"Armageddon then World Peace"


Peoples Paper The Peoples Paper is a 12 page (A4 size) periodical published four times each year (January, April, July, October). It is supplied free to all who wish to have their own copy. Contact us to receive your free copy stating your preference of either hard-copy post or by email The Berean Bible Institute urges readers not to accept what they read without testing it against the Bible, Berean Bible Institute Inc. PO Box 402 Rosanna Victoria Australia 3084 Regn.No. A0022186J



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