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"They searched the scriptures daily whether those things were so"

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Five steps towards obedience Excerpt from talk by Tim Alexander

This Thing Is From Me – Norman Woodworth

When Michael Stands Up – Dan.12(1-4) Carl Hagensick

THINGS I MUST REMEMBER (from a talk given in 1930)

Strong Delusions from 2 Thessalonians 2:8-11 Excerpts from an address by Allen Springer

Discerning Sound Doctrine -   Excerpt from talk by Alan Springer

Little Things of Great Importance  Excerpt from talk by Alan Springer

God’s Promised Blessing To All Nations – Russell Pollock

Two Views of Atonement -   Excerpt from talk by Michael Nekora

Beware the Leaven of the Pharisees    Notes from talk by Brian Jakubowski

Tracing the Blessing -  Notes from a talk by Brian Jakubowski

The Feasts of Israel -  Notes from a talk by Brian Jakubowski

Ruth – More than meets the eye   Notes from a talk by Brian Jakubowski

Jacob’s Trouble - Carl Hagensick

Transformed by the Exertion of His Power   Arbur Fernets

Oil in their Vessels    Excerpt from talk by David Doran

The Last Word Discourse by Bob Carnegie

The Simplicity of the Gospel – Bob Carnegie

Philippians 3(10) – Shared Sin Offering – Bob Carnegie

Run the Race with Endurance – Byron Keith

Not My Own -  Robert Bennett

If you do these things -  Robert Bennett

Trembling at his word – Isaiah 66(2)  - John Baker





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The reader is advised that the thoughts expressed in these discourses do not necessarily conform to the stated understandings or interpretations which are embraced by the Berean Bible Institute.



". . . from 1967 to 1975 I was a diligent, sincere and believing Jehovah's Witness . . . "

Thus starts David Stein, one of America's noted Bible lecturers speaking on the subject 'BUILDING ON THE RANSOM', It was presented at the 2009 New York Bible Student Convention. This 40 minute discourse develops a subject that is fundamental to the Christian faith.

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